How Does the SolTec Lounge Work?

Since the days of our early ancestors we have been endowed with a nervous system that has a built-in, hard-wired survival mechanism. With this mechanism we are always scanning our environment for potential danger, consciously and subconsciously. This mechanism is supported primarily by 3 of our senses, sight, hearing, and touch. While you’re in a session in the SolTec Lounge there is no need to worry about your survival because you are safe so it’s okay to turn this mechanism off. We accomplish this by quieting your senses of sight, hearing and touch producing a brain state of inattention.

Typically, when you go to sleep at night, you turn the lights off and close your eyes. We will darken the room and instruct you to close your eyes and deeply relax or fall asleep. As a result your visual system will receive no stimulus. We play layered music during the session. Multiple melodies are played simultaneously so it is difficult for your brain to follow the music. We do this because we really don’t want you to pay attention to the music so let it go and stop listening to it. Because the music contains a lot of bass and mid-range frequency content and the transducers turn the music into vibration you will feel it throughout the session.

The relatively constant sound and vibration cause the neural circuitry associated with hearing and touch to become habituated – to stop attending to the stimuli. As a result, these portions of the nervous system become inhibited. Reducing the activity of the neural circuitry related to sight, hearing and touch, which supports your survival mechanism causes you to become far less vigilant or tense and as a result you become more relaxed and drift toward sleep.

What is interesting, however, is that two of the stimuli we provide (vibration and sound), which stimulate your senses of touch and hearing are the most effective at waking you up. As a result you will find over a few sessions that you float between sleep and reduced wakefulness. While in this process you learn to become more aware of your deeply relaxed or sleeping body. That’s exactly the state of consciousness that you want to achieve. In that state you feel extremely relaxed.

There is one more stimulus we provide that is exceedingly beneficial. We provide synchronized magnetic field stimulation. Our experimental work over the past 18 years has allowed us to experience an even greater relaxation response when magnetic stimulation is used with full spectrum audio frequencies.

Relaxation chairs don’t always do enough to help you unwind, or just to let go. When signs of depression occur, you rarely need a depression test. The same is true when trying to evaluate your level of relaxation. When you feel profound stress reduction, you know it. The SolTec lounge can actually help you learn how to avoid feeling stressed and mitigate the symptoms of stress. With SolTec technology, you can actually learn how to reduce stress with very little if any user effort.